Casual Hire Booking Protocol

  • No personal items are to be stored within the Dance Studio, Fig Tree building or Birth & Beyond Meeting Room without prior consent from Nimbin Community Centre.
  • Any insurance relating to personal injury or damage of property within the meeting room remains the responsibility of the hirer and appropriate action needs to be taken to ensure this responsibility.
  • No activities that may increase the risk of injury to participants, Community Centre visitors or property are permitted.
  • No amplified live music or drumming without prior consultation with Nimbin Community Centre (Dance Studio and Fig Tree Building) or Nimbin Apothecary (Birth & Beyond)
  • Hirer must remove all rubbish, foodstuffs and drinks at the end of each session.
  • Children under the age of 15 are not permitted to remain in either room without adult supervision. Young children must not be left unsupervised within the Community Centre or Birth & Beyond Building during session times.
  • All other Nimbin Community Centre policies as they relate to visitors, fire & safety apply.
  • After use, please ensure the room is vacated and tidy at the appointed time.
  • Finally, lights must be switched off, as well as fans.
  • All windows & doors must be closed and locked.

     Thank you !