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Casual Hire

As part of ensuring community access to the centre we offer some casual hire spaces to the wider community. The spaces for hire are the Dance studio located in the NCCI main building at 81 Cullen Street, the Birth and Beyond Meeting Room located at 54 Cullen street behind the street front shops and the grounds at the NCCI main building complex at 81 Cullen Street.

Current and future bookings can be accessed via the online calendar, Dance Studio bookings are marked green, Birth and Beyond bookings are marked brown and grounds bookings for event hire are marked in blue. We host a large number of community classes and events through our casual bookings and are proud to be able to host the diverse activities and support groups who use our community centre.

The current rate for all casual hire spaces is $11 per hour including GST. We also have a special rate of $33 per day for large bookings. There is also a $40 key deposit. Due to administrative costs all bookings that are not paid in advance will also attract a $5 per month processing fee. All bookings are made with the Nimbin Community Centre and may be made by calling 6689 0000, emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or in person at the office, 81 Cullen St, Nimbin, 9am-3pm Tuesday-Thursday.

Dance Studio  

The Dance Studio is located 81 Cullen street Nimbin. This is a large space (91.04m2) perfect for dance classes, yoga, meetings, training or workshops. Facilities include: cd/mp3 player, mirror wall, ballet bar, storage cupboards, tv & dvd player, 3 collapsible tables and 20 chairs. 

Click Here to view Current Bookings. Note there is a separate calendar page for each room.

Birth & Beyond 

The Birth & Beyond meeting room is located at 54 Cullen Street Nimbin, which is the same building as the Nimbin Apothecary and Nimbin Environment Centre. This is a medium-size room (75m2) perfect for smaller classes, film screenings, yoga, training, and meetings. Facilities include: kitchenette with some crockery/cutlery, an urn and water filter, projection screen, heater, 43 chairs, 2 collapsible tables and cushions on request. Please note that adjoining rooms are used for consulting and massage, so very noisy activities (e.g. drumming) are not possible during the day. 

Click Here to view Current Bookings. Note there is a separate calendar page for each room.

Casual Event Hire

Our Casual hire spaces and the the NCCI grounds are also available for hire for special events and festivals. We host the monthly Nimbin Market and also provide market space during the Nimbin Mardigrass and Nimbin Roots Fest. We have power outlets set up and available in the NCCI grounds for stall holders and a powered covered stage. Rates for events hire vary and can be negotiated depending on the nature of the event and the hiring organisation.