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Jungle Patrol
Located in Casurina Building
81 Cullen Street
Nimbin NSW 2480
6689 0095



Jungle Patrol

Nimbin Jungle Patrol’s Community Safety Team and Security Service aim to reduce local crime, increasing community safety and enhancing local welfare initiatives, particularly focusing on drug using and dependent youths.

 Lismore Council awarded the cleaning contract in 2002. Although the JunglePatrol Community Safety had not previously undertaken similar works, it was felt that this would allow a degree of community ownership of the village, which would hopefully provide for a cleaner and safer environment. The appointment of Jungle Patrol Community Safety has proven very successful with the standard of cleaning in the Nimbin Village improving dramatically.


Jungle Patrol and Mardi Grass

The Jungle Patrol is a local volunteer organisation that patrol the streets, encourage people to keep the peace, and bear witness when they do not. The Jungle Patrol cannot enter an affray, but will encourage a peaceful resolution to any disturbance. If there is an incident, it is witnessed, and aid is rendered after the event if necessary. Jungle Patrol members will be able to contact the Police if the situation warrants it.

The Jungle Patrol grew from the volunteer groups of early MardiGrass celebrations.

The Jungle Patrol provides visitor information, crowd safety, primary first aid, event communications and security/police liaison.

If you need help during the event don't hesitate to ask.

Jungle Patrol operates from Friday 8am through to early Monday morning during Mardi Grass Festival and volunteers are urged to sign up for two four hour shifts.