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The Nimbin Community Centre's aims guide the selection of prospective tenants. 

All applications for permanent tenancy are made through an Expression of Interest to the Management Committee. Nimbin Community Centre acknowledges the importance of providing affordable premises for not-for-profit groups and as such endeavor to meet those needs within the Nimbin Community Centre.

Priority is always given to local not-for-profit community groups. The Permanent Tenancy policy and the Retail Leases Act 1994 advise the Management Committee of Nimbin Community Centre tenancies and the content of lease contracts including: fees, deposits and bonds.

Nimbin Community Centre is committed to providing and maintaining buildings for community purposes. Nimbin Community Centre establishes and maintains a legal relationship with Tenants by way of a Lease Agreement. Nimbin Community Centre also undertakes regular maintenance inspections of leased premises to ensure it is meeting its aims and objectives. All tenants are provided with monthly financial statements detailing their account and GST obligations. Nimbin Community Centre is guided by its Management Guidelines, policies and a set of protocols to guide Nimbin Community Centre towards resolving disputes between Nimbin Community Centre Inc. (NCCI) and tenants. 

NCC Responsibilities:

  • Implement permanent hire policy.
  • Apply the associated Permanent Hire Procedure
  • Supply a Lease contract, annual reference schedule, detail of rented premises and condition report
  • Abide by the agreed terms and conditions of the Lease between NCCI & the Tenant.
  • Periodically review leases, this policy and the Permanent Hire (Rental) Procedures.
  • Regular building, pest and fire protection inspections and subsequent reporting to tenants.
  • To set achievable rental levels which reflect costs of maintenance and administration by NCCI. 
  • Rental and Electricity bonds are kept in trust. 
  • Invoice tenants monthly for - and supply statements on request as they relate to - Rental payments.
  • Special circumstances in relation to a Tenant’s ability to meet rental costs will be considered by the Management Committee on a case-by-case basis.
  • Maintain to a working and reliable standard all metered power servicing NCC Tenants.
  • Respond quickly to tenants needs in relation to their rented premises. 
  • NCCI will only invoice the power supply to metered tenants.

Tenant Expectations

  • Abide by the agreed terms and conditions of the Lease between NCCI & the Tenant.
  • Address issues referred from NCCI maintenance reporting. 
  • Facilitate timely payment of rent and all overheads as invoiced by NCCI. 
  • Portable fire equipment shared by a number of tenants is met by those tenants.
  • Assist Nimbin Community Centre security by keeping buildings and rooms locked when not in use.
  • Tenants with shared power meters or sub-lessees must meet electricity invoices collaboratively.
  • Equipment that is the property of the NCCI – either portable or fixed to the premises – may not be removed without NCCI approval.
  • Tenant is contracted to the full term/ end date of their lease.