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Teresa Biscoe

Teresa Biscoe


The day to day administration of the Community Centre is managed by the Coordinator, Teresa (Biskit) Biscoe. She moved to the Nimbin area in 1992 with her daughter and met the love of her life Doug.

A member of the Tuntable Falls Rural Land sharing Co-op, she is an active member of the Nimbin Chamber of Commerce, a member of the Nimbin CWA and a volunteer and supporter for the Nimbin Poetry Performance World Cup.

A local performer with partner Doug Johnson in the duo 'Doug and the Biskit' in the band 'Mrs Hippy and Lovehandles' and with the Nomad Belly Dance troupe.

She is a proud supporter of the local arts and music culture and has often volunteered performances at local fundraising events. She sees volunteering and engagement in community as part of the culture of activism and resilience that make Nimbin such a great place to be, and is passionate about her village community and the Community Centre.

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