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About Us

We are Nimbin Community Centre!

Incorporated as a not-for-profit, Nimbin Community Centre (NCCI) is a community-based organisation.

NCCI owns and manages the Community Centre property throughout the village of Nimbin.  We provide an affordable rental space for many organisations, businesses and community members in Nimbin.


Caring for Country

Always was, always will be Aboriginal land.


History of the Centre

The history of Nimbin is entwined with European settlers, local Indigenous populations, and the alternative lifestyle movement, spurred by the Aquarius festival.



We're always looking for volunteers ...


Permanent Rental

Rent an office or studio space


Our Aims

To manage the assets of the organisation in a sustainable manner for the benefit of future generations.


What we do

Nimbin Community Centre works in close partnership with local community organisations and varying levels of government.


Become a Member

Membership commences from 1 July each year.

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