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International Women's Day Dance Workshop

Dance Workshop on International Women's Day

International Women's Day Dance Workshop

This Dance Workshop on International Women's Day will be offered in Nimbin at the Dance Studio located in the Community Centre.

To celebrate our unique female experience we are offering a morning of nurturing movement practices that allow each woman to connect to her own essence, to witness the group and to move into a shared experience with joy & confidence.

Through a shared warm-up of grounding exercises we will settle in and create the space we need to dive deep into our unique moving bodies. As dancers we will share and lead processes that include touch, authentic movement & witnessing to promote freedom & creativity, no matter what your age or physical ability.

This workshop is about nurturing our creative moving potential and inviting a shared experience through connection, tea and dance.

The facilitators are performing as the Ménage trio at the Nimbin International Women's Day Dinner on Thursday Evening 07 March, and are running this workshop the following day to share their love of dance with other women on International Women's Day. Colleen Coy, Vivi Frehner & Kimberley McIntyre have all contributed to the fabric of dance in the Northern Rivers for over ten years and have a shared practice of collaboration for making, performing and teaching dance in the area.

This workshop is designed to allow participants to enter into a deep place of embodiment whilst also allowing creativity and lightness to emerge. No previous movement experience is necessary to attend.

Friday 08 March 9:45 am - 12:15pm - Women's Day Workshop $60 (includes booking fee)

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