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Action Plan

The centre develops and implements a five year plan.

Every five years a strategic planning exercise is completed to assess how effectively aims are being met.

During this review, objectives are revisited and refined, and a 5-year action plan developed. This plan becomes central to NCCI's activity for the ensuing period.

For the 2020-2025 period Nimbin Community Centre is planning:

  • Continued sustainable and responsible management of the organisation's assets for the benefit of future generations

  • Effective and safe management of the impact of Covid-19 on the organisation and its tenants

  • Mitigation of the impacts of global warning and associated disasters on the organisation's assets and the wider community

  • Introduction of greater energy efficiency and reduced resource wastage

  • Restoration of 50m of covered walkway

  • Improved access for the less abled

  • Support for initiatives emanating from the Wai:bal Aboriginal Cultural Centre

  • Support for youth focussed projects and encouragement of youth engagement in the organisation

  • Ongoing beautification of all properties

  • Development of 11a Alternative Way into a community park integral to the Rainbow Road Walking Track

Detailed information is available in the NCCIs Governance & Management Policies & Procedures.

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