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Goat Thing Textiles

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For the bespoke, unique, unusual, whimsical and sometimes bizarre. Specializing in made-to-order Crochet cstumes, Hand-cut Stencils, Re-psyched T-shirt Prints, Nim-FM Community Radio T-shirt prints, Doovywhacker construction, Garment Alterations and Repair.

The Artist: Mim Handley has been a resident textile artist at the Community Centre and Nim-FM committee volunteer and programmer since 2009. She often up-cycles T-shirts, ties and other garments into fabulous bespoke items. All of her crochet work is created free-hand without the use of a pattern. She is also a passionate gardener, baker and preserver.

Mim divides her time between her textile studio, her garden and kitchen and the Nim-FM studio. You might find her in her garden with her pet goat Nev (short for Inevitable).

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