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Nimbin Environment Centre

02 6689 1441

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The Nimbin Environment Centre is a voluntary non profit organisation. Our history is rooted in the successful battles which saved Terania Creek and the Nightcap forest. We are very conscious of our continuous role as custodians of this land hand in hand with its first people: The Bundjalung nation. We receive no funding from State or Federal Governments. This empowers us to be fearless in our work to defend, protect, preserve and enhance the environment. Our work takes us to remote areas intra and interstate and overseas. We are one with the words of the Bundjalung Elders as displayed in Cullen St Nimbin.

  • We belong to this country.

  • We look after this country.

  • Don't do wrong around here this country.

  • We belong to this country.

NEC Aims:

  • To protect, preserve and enhance our local environment.

  • To provide information on a range of environmental concerns.

  • To support environmentally sustainable initiatives within the local community.

  • To support a shop selling environmentally sound products and assist local initiatives.

  • To promote use and preservation of National parks in our area.

  • To provide a research and networking centre and focal point for environmental campaigns.

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