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Nimbin Ganja Faeries

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Ganja Faeries are the Vibrant Green Wave dancing behind our original custodians; the Gunja Faerie Queen, an integral part of the annual Nimbin Mardigrass Drug Law Reform Rally.

Originally inspired by the Sydney Queer Communities use of colour, performance; fun in protesting unfair laws, we are an unfunded volunteer organisation with a 29 year commitment to Cannabis Law Reform; sharing the collective wisdom of living with cannabis.

We gather every year from all over the Hempdom for about 6-8 weeks before Nimbin Mardigrass to prepare for the Parade. A key group of Faeries teach others the march routine, help with costumes, fundraise; welcome everyone who wishes to join us.

If you like, YOU too can be a Ganja Faerie, send us a message. Far away faeries can learn the routine on our Facebook page; we always do a final rehearsal 1st Friday of Mardigrass.

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