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Nimbin Neighbourhood and Information Centre

02 6689 1692

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Nimbin Neighbourhood and Information Centre Inc (NNIC). Established in 1978, NNIC is the longest serving and the primary community services and community development organisation in Nimbin. A registered charity with DGR status, NNIC provides a wide range of services for people in need in the Nimbin community, including:

  • Qualified community workers offering: information and referrals, crisis counselling, advocacy, electricity vouchers and other support.

  • Supported public access to computers, internet, photocopying, laminating, faxing.

  • Centrelink Agency.

  • Emergency relief, material aid and food parcels.

  • Take home Naloxone program.

  • Visiting outreach services

  • Volunteering opportunities, work experience placements.

  • Outlet Agency for the CONC (Consortium of Neighbourhood Centres Far North Coast) Brighter Futures Far North Coast-an intensive support program for vulnerable families.

  • A Community Nurse Practitioner providing clinical mental health and/or drug and alcohol services for community members and their families (Mon-Wed)

  • Vacation Care - for kids aged 5-12 years during school holidays.

  • Soup Kitchen - Fridays at NNIC.

NNIC's community development activities include:

  • Nimbin's Sustainable Living Hub - 7 Sibley St - a social enterprise project of NNIC.

  • Auspicing Nimbin Community Drug Action Team (CDAT) and Nimbin Death and Beyond.

  • Stewardship of the Sustainable Nimbin Community Plan (SNCP).

  • Production and distribution of the welcome to Nimbin Kit.

  • Annual Nimbin Women's Dinner.

  • Annual big community Christmas lunch.

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