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Nimbin Community Centre

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About Us

Nimbin Community Centre (NCCI) is incorporated as a not-for-profit, community-based organisation.


NCCI owns and manages considerable property in the village, providing affordable rental space for many community organisations and services working within and around Nimbin. NCCI properties also house and support local businesses.


As part of ensuring community access to the centre, Nimbin Community Centre offers some casual hire spaces to the wider community, including:

The community heart of Nimbin

Nimbin Community Centre works in close partnership with local community organisations and varying levels of government.


We believe creating strong networks and having open communication channels are key to fostering community resilience. Nimbin is a unique, inclusive, vibrant and environmentally focussed with extraordinary community capital.


The level of collective ownership and the evidence of resilience to adversity is testament to this. While evidence of community partnerships is a common to all Community Centre activities some are worthy of individual mention.

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