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July News


Big changes afoot! Staff restructure, future of the management committee, and office space vacancies.

Big Changes Afoot!

by Nimbin Community Centre management committee

Some history

In 1996 the NSW government set about building a new school for Nimbin and offered the existing school and playing fields to Lismore Council for $280,000. Council agreed provided the community paid. Faced with a once in a lifetime opportunity to acquire buildings for delivery of community services and to house community groups, the Nimbin community commenced fundraising, and we did it. Nimbin Community Centre, owned by our community, is home to a multitude of valued services and activities.

With our agreement, Council subdivided land to create new locations for the fire brigade and public toilets. We also purchased Peace Park, formerly the school’s playing field, but never took title as we couldn’t afford the public liability insurance associated with the skate park. In 2013 we purchased Birth & Beyond, that very special building that houses the Nimbin Environment Centre and Nimbin Apothecary. Most recently we purchased Aquarius Park, a dream that will come to fruition over the next 12 months. Can you imagine Nimbin without all these, and many more, community owned spaces?

How are things changing?

While fundraising, Council required us to prove we’d be able to manage such a responsibility through the development of management guidelines. For over 25 years we have used the same business model and management plan, with minor tweaks over time. No more! Faced with the reality that rents were no longer covering the escalating maintenance costs associated with buildings that are between 50 and 120 years old, we are changing how we operate.

Staff Restructure

The major expense beyond maintenance has always been wages. In a bid to reduce costs while more effectively meeting our greatest needs, we have changed our staffing structure, we are leaving our office, which will be rented as a commercial proposition, and we are saying goodbye to the role of Coordinator. Our focus into the future will be property management. To this end we have employed Andre Finch. 

New Property Manager - Andre Finch

Property Manager Andre Finch
In Andre’s words: The aquarian values Nimbin was built on have played a significant role in shaping my character over the past 30 years. As a result, I feel a strong affiliation with Nimbin and its surrounding communities. Taking on the Property Manager’s position is an exciting way to get involved in the community again, and I am keen to work with the committee to help shape their vision for the community centre into the future.

New Digital Communications Team - Rain and Wick

Digital Communications Team - Wick & Rain

We have also engaged a digital communications team who will manage many of our responsibilities as property managers remotely. Rain and Wick are the creative minds behind The Aether Agency, a unique off-grid digital agency. With a strong passion for community and humanitarian development, they blend their artistic talents and sustainable lifestyle to make a positive impact. From storytelling through captivating visuals to empowering community initiatives, Rain and Wick's work reflects their commitment to creating a better world, one project at a time and working with them to date has been a delight. 

The future of the Management Committee

The future will see the management committee take on more responsibility in a volunteer capacity and we are looking to the many wonderful young people in our community to step up and take this on. If you are young with lots of energy and would like to join our committee please step forward. There is a fantastic core group forming and you could be part of it.

Electricians, plumbers and builders cost us dearly so, if you are qualified and feel like volunteering one of those skills, we would love you forever! Maybe events can become a major income stream and draw more people into the centre. 

Increasing Rents

Alongside these changes we have been reviewing our rents, our main source of income. Nobody likes having their rent put up and some tenants reacted on receiving letters indicating that was our plan. A tenants’ group was formed and for the first time since we purchased the centre tenants have actively engaged in understanding how we run the centre. It’s wonderful that our base has expanded, others will become involved, and tenants have a better understanding of the issues we’re facing. We are not an elitist decision-making group or corporate capitalists, as some have described us. We are a small group of highly dedicated community members who volunteer our time because we love our community and find joy in the connections we make. 

Rooms to rent

But, back to business. We currently have 2 small room vacancies. If you’re looking for a small space to use as an office, artist studio, therapy space etc. Read more information here.

The mandarin tree

The mandarin tree in the laneway next to Birth & Beyond, a tree we watched grow from a seed, is going to be cut down. We argued strongly with the landscape team to save it but have reluctantly accepted it will compromise the plans for the pedestrian link from the car park to Cullen Street. We have been assured many trees will be planted to compensate for the loss.

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